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Your Source for Authentic Japanese Ceramics
1-1 Kawamura-cho, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya-shi
+81 52-758-5432

Crafting Tradition and Innovation in Nagoya

Established in the heart of Nagoya, a historic hub for ceramics, our company has been dedicated to the art of fine pottery for generations. We blend centuries-old techniques with modern innovations to deliver tableware that is treasured worldwide. Our commitment to quality and uniqueness shines through in every piece.

2023 G7 Hiroshima Summit Adoption

Our products were selected as decorative vases at the venue of the Summit of Advanced Economies.

Our company was founded in 1917 and has been a pottery manufacturer for over 100 years. We started as a manufacturer in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, and began exporting to the United States. We manufacture and sell ceramics, floral materials, and kiln raw materials in Nagoya City.”

Wholesale Pottery

At, we specialize in providing high-quality, wholesale pottery directly from Japan. Our collection features a diverse range of ceramic products, from traditional designs to modern styles, perfect for enhancing any dining experience. Sourced from skilled artisans in Nagoya, our pottery combines craftsmanship and innovation.

Ideal for businesses, restaurants, and retailers seeking unique, premium tableware, our products promise durability and aesthetic appeal. Partner with us to bring the elegance of Japanese ceramics to your clientele.

Explore Our Latest Collections

Discover our newest creations and take advantage of special promotions. Stay updated with our seasonal releases and limited-edition pieces that bring contemporary innovation to classic styles.

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Please add any products of interest from our product list to the ‘Enquiry Cart’. You can add multiple products to the cart at the same time. Once in the cart, enter your necessary information such as name and email address, and send it to us. We will review it and send you a detailed quote.

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Customer Reviews

B.T. Imports
Read More
The process from quote to shipping was smooth with quick responses. The quality of the tableware exceeded my expectations, and I am very satisfied.
C.C. Trading Co.
Read More
Grateful for the wide product range and customer service that catered to my detailed requests.
D.E. Enterprises
Read More
Grateful for the wide product range and customer service that catered to my detailed requests.
F.G. Global Solutions
Read More
The products I ordered arrived earlier than scheduled. The packaging was careful, and I'm very satisfied with the items.
Read More
Beautiful tableware that conveys Japanese tradition, perfect for gifts to friends overseas.
H.I. Distribution
Read More
Purchased during a special promotion, and felt the value exceeded the price.
J.K. Merchandising Ltd.
Read More
The new tableware collection is lovely, and I would like to use it again.
Read More
Satisfied with both the quality and design of the products, and have recommended them to friends.
L.M. Supplies Inc.
Read More
You can feel that this site values the traditions of Nagoya, and I think it's trustworthy.
N.O. Wholesale Group
Read More
The product descriptions are very detailed, which was great for careful consideration before purchasing.
P.Q. International
Read More
I was looking for the quality of Japanese-made products, and the tableware greatly exceeded my expectations.
R.S. Supply Chain
Read More
Customer support was very kind, and responses to my questions were prompt.
T.U. Commerce LLC
Read More
Compared to other sites, the quality and price of the products here were the best.
V.W. Trading Partners
Read More
Satisfied with the tableware that considers not only the beauty of the design but also the ease of use.
Read More
The product was as expected, and I was able to trade with confidence as it was my first online purchase.
X.Y. Industrial Goods
Read More
The quote was provided quickly which was very helpful, and the product quality was fantastic as expected.
Read More
Nagoya ceramics feel historic, and I'm excited to use them at home.
Z.A. Product Distributors
Read More
Thank you for the professional customer service and detailed product explanations.
Read More
The designs are very sophisticated, and every product feels luxurious.
B.C. Retailers
Read More
I am really satisfied with the ease of use of the site and the diversity of the products.
Read More
Because there is an international shipping option, I can recommend it to family abroad as well.

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